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NEW 2024 RELEASE! Ancient Reflections II - Flute Music CD

NEW 2024 RELEASE! Ancient Reflections II - Flute Music CD

ANCIENT REFLECTIONS II - An extended version of his first Ancient Reflections album released in the early 2000s, the new Ancient Reflections II CD is performed by Charles Littleleaf, Native American Music Award (NAMA) Nominee and Award Winning recording artist from the the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Central Oregon, USA. This is another CD containing his heart warming melodies on the Native American flute to calm the spirit. And indeed it does!

Released this year by Littleleaf Music!



Charles Littleleaf's Native American flute music transports the listener on a journey into the past when the world was at peace with the heavens. Utilizing the gifts of Mother Earth as his inspiration along with his native heritage, Charles Littleleaf's traditional style of native flute playing embarks on the simplicity of life and cultural traditions, noted as meditative and soulful. His melodies are some of the most spiritually awakening songs you will have the opportunity to hear, many which are shared on his NEW Native American flute CD, Ancient Reflections II.


Charles embodies a spiritual journey of peace and goodwill for all humankind, a musical path he has pursued for nearly two decades. He brings with him a lifetime of ancestral traditions from his American Indian way of life. His songs are melodies of art - great works of literary verse.


Many say his flute music is a medicine that will capture your spirit and heal what ails your soul. When playing the Native American flute, Charles unveils a personal side of himself that few dare to expose. You will identify with his vision while listening to the footsteps from the path of his ancestors.


As you enjoy his newest CD, you will find yourself transported to a time when life was pure and simple. Charles is in complete harmony with the healing vibrations of Mother Earth, derived from memories of life growing up on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon, and from the abundance of nature that he has always surrounded himself with. From these experiences emerge his traditional style of heartfelt music for all the world to enjoy. He plays with a natural rhythm, full of emotion and with sensitivity, and offers this experience to the listener, combining the enchanting sounds of his musical instruments with the solitude of earth, sky and the gifts of nature.


Featured track: Charles' recording of Amazing Grace (Native version) - a beautiful rendition of this song loved around the world. Charles made this recording to honor of the Cherokee people who walked the Trail of Tears, singing a couple of verses in Cherokee language. There are also many other enjoyable songs on this album, including Charles and his wife Vicky teaming up together in the 'Warriors Song' - a lovely chant in honor of a fallen warrior, Papason, one of PBS's favorites used in some of their film documentaries. And be sure not to miss Charles' new 'Vision Quest' as well as his award-winning track 'Eagle Spirit' that places you in the southwest canyons where the eagles soar.

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