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Poplar Burl, Cedar and African Black Gabon Ebony Native American Flutes

Poplar Burl, Cedar and African Black Gabon Ebony Native American Flutes

Poplar Burl and Cedar flutes with African Black Gabon Ebony flute block. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay. Available on commission in a variety of keys. Handcrafted by Charles Littleleaf. Ships when artist has completed the work, usually within 45 business days or less. If extra time is needed, your patience would be greatly appreciated.

Beautiful resonating tones...

'All flutes I create in my shop are guaranteed to be musician quality and suitable for studio recordings or performances. You will never experience airiness or note sensitivity from any of my instruments, and they'll always deliver a warm, clear, resonating voice.

Mid range keys are ideal for all levels of players, including for those who are just starting out on their musical journey. Low range keys are recommended for intermediate and advanced players, or for folks who have larger sized hands. As an added benefit for my customers, and especially for beginning flute players, each flute will come with beveled finger holes for maximum playing comfort.

These instruments are available on commission and will require some time to construct, so please allow me up to 30 business days to ship your package. Your Native American flute will be near exact to what is presented here in our featured photos.

My customers' satisfaction is always top priority to me so please know that my work is fully guaranteed. -Charles' 

'Can I learn to play the Native American flute?'

Flute Details:


  • Rich resonating tones. Clear and responsive.
  • Flute crafted from rare Poplar Burl from the Warm Springs Reservation
  • Mouthpiece in Pacific Northwest Cedar
  • Flute block crafted in exotic African Black Gabon Ebony
  • Inlay material: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
  • Instruments measure between 22 and 28 inches, depending on range/key
  • Comfortable fingering pattern, easy to handle and play
  • Recommended range/key for beginners with small hands: Mid A 
  • Recommended range/key for beginners with medium size hands: Mid A, Mid G, Mid G#, Mid F, Mid F#, Mid E
  • Recommended range/key for beginners with large hands: Mid A, Mid G, Mid G#, Mid F, Mid F#, Low D, Low D#, Low E
  • Packages ship in 30 business days or less.
  • Free USA Priority Mail shipping/insurance
  • ​Flutes are signed, dated and keyed by the artist

Mother Earth is Charles’ guide and his playable art is living testament to this. He has dedicated his life to the spiritual enlightenment of others through his wisdom, his music and through his Native American flute creations that we are happy to make available for your enjoyment.

    PriceFrom $330.00
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