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White Rose of the North Trail Flutes

White Rose of the North Trail Flutes

'White Rose of the North' Trail Flutes. Musician quality instruments for hiking and travel convenience. Order today, packages ship within 30 business days or less.


'Can I learn to play the Native American flute?'

Flute Details:

  • Flute range and key: High D Minor
  • Crafted from 95 yr old Poplar Burl with Black Ebony tinting
  • Two bands of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise on flute body
  • African Black Gabon Ebony wood flute block
  • Block inlay: White Mother of Pearl & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
  • Instrument will measure from 14" to 15" in length
  • Flutes are signed, keyed and dated by the artist


"I always enjoy hiking in the backwoods of Oregon and there have been times where wish I had a flute with me which has a lower tone than the typical small pocket flutes we see from time to time. Some time ago, I came up with the idea to create an instrument that was easy to carry on excursions yet, by its relatively smaller size, but isn't as high pitched as pocket flutes. And so, I designed new Trail Flutes to deliver a sound that would resonate well in concert and in the studio, but would also be in tune with birds, wildlife and the beautiful trees out in nature.

After a few years of designing, my new line of Trail Flutes were eventually born; instruments you can depend upon for superior tuning and handling. They also come with an additional leather lace to be worn as a necklace so that you are able to carry these instruments around conveniently. If you prefer not to use it as a necklace, the additional lace can be easily removed.

These Trail Flutes serve me quite well during my travels, both professionally and personally. They deliver a sweet, warm, resonating sound and always intrigue my audiences. They can be played softly yet they also deliver maximum volume with exceptional pitch and response. In addition, all flutes I construct in my shop offer beveled finger holes for maximum playing comfort. For over 25 years of offering this feature, I have found beveled holes are especially beneficial for beginners. Professionals also greatly benefit.

Trail Flutes are ideal instruments for all levels of players, including those who are just starting out on their flute playing journey. They also make for a spiritually rewarding experience for folks who have a calling to make music for our great Mother Earth and all that lives."


Mother Earth is Charles’ guide and his playable art is living testament to this. He has dedicated his life to the spiritual enlightenment of others through his wisdom, his music and through his Native American flute creations that we are happy to make available for your enjoyment.

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